Spooky Horses

Ridden Intensive

This package is designed to give you everything you need to relieve tension, spookiness and have your horse riding with confidence and connection.

At the end of this programme you will have all the pieces in place to take your horse into different environments (competition or out hacking) knowing you can stop tension BEFORE it happens.

This course is perfect for…

✔️ Riders who have done a lot of groundwork and need help to translate it to the saddle

✔️ Confident riders, who want help relieving tension from the saddle

✔️ Riders of horses that are ‘Tense and On Adrenaline’ #3 type or ‘Distracted’ #4 type when ridden, particularly in the higher gaits

This course is not for you if…

❌ You are an unconfident rider who needs to spend more time on groundwork

❌ Your horse hasn’t been ridden in a while and you are just getting back to riding them

❌ Your horse is a more ‘Scared of Things’ #2 type who needs more desensitisation work

What you will learn...

Ridden Patterns for Relaxation

How to spot the first signs that tension is building and how to relieve it quickly without having to get off.

Rhythm & Relaxation

Whether you are a showjumper, dressage rider or happy out on the trails. Rhythm and relaxation is essential for your horse to maintain confidence and connection alone and in company

Putting it all Together

How to take what you’ve learnt out into different environments, competition/hacking out/trail riding. Combining the exercises so your horse can maintain connection, relaxation and suppleness.

This course is going to concentrate almost exclusively on ridden skills, there will be a very small amount of groundwork.

Section 1 - Bending exercises

Ground prep, how to ride them and how to apply them in walk, trot and canter to relieve tension quickly.

Section 2 - Rhythm & Relaxation

What is it, what does it look like, how to ride to achieve it in walk, trot and canter to have a confident and connected horse.

Section 3 - Putting it together & Advancement

How to combine bending along with rhythm and relaxation to help your horse maintain connection, relaxation and suppleness.

Advanced bending exercises including lateral work.

Section 4 - New Environments & 'Training Opportunities'

How to take what you’ve learnt out into different environments including competition/hacking out and trail riding.

That is not all!

1. Access for the lifetime of the course your get access to the course and all future updates for the lifetime of the course.

By the end of this course you will have everything you need to maintain confidence and connection when you ride

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