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Hi, I’m Lyla

I believe that success with horses comes from understanding and connection.

Horses are happier and will respond better to training (in any sphere) when they understand your expectations and you understand theirs.

I came from a traditional horsey background. Early on I developed a love of Dressage, schooling and understanding how to train horses. This led me to study Natural Horsemanship, Horse and Rider Behaviour for 3 years at home in the UK and 2 years in the US. I have been teaching in this area for over 15 years.

My teaching brings together everything I have learnt from Natural Horsemanship, Dressage and a lifetime spent with horses.

"I can highly recommend Lyla. She was totally fantastic with a neurotic me and got me back on my horse after he bucked me off 2 years earlier. Nothing is too much trouble for Lyla and her teaching is very clear. She is patient and kind to both horse and rider and she helped me to understand my horse and his complicated personality."

Nicola Pieser